ADSN Consultoria e Engenharia

During the execution of a project, all actions carried out have huge consequences, and knowing when and why problems arise are very important considerations.

Since 2000, ADSN Ltda - Engenharia e Consultoria has provided expert services for issues involving construction costs and claims, change orders, arbitration, litigation and disputes. The wide experience in the Oil & Gas, Marine and Infrastructure sectors allows the company to assist clients and their attorneys in the analysis of construction projects to determine liability for reduced labor productivity, increased costs, and delayed schedules. The main purpose of ADSN Ltda - Engenharia e Consultoria is to provide professional services with comprehensive evaluation in order to benefit the Clients.

The headquarter of ADSN Ltda - Engenharia e Consultoria is in Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro.

The leader of the company is Antonio Domingues dos Santos Neto, majored in Marine Engineering and specialized in Contract Administration.

ADSN Ltda - Engenharia e Consultoria has professional staff majored in engineering and with extensive experience in budgeting, planning and implementation of Marine, Oil & Gas and Infrastructure Projects.

Main expert services:
      - Construction Claims and Disputes;
      - Construction Management;
      - Schedule Analysis;
      - Labor Productivity Analysis;
      - Litigation and Arbitration.


email: [email protected] | tel: +55 (21) 98551.4748